Pastor Tommy and Ann Galloway

Word of Life Church in Tupelo, Mississippi was founded in 1996 as a hospital for hurting people.  Pastor Tommy and Ann continue to pursue their passion for people and the will of God.  Following the mantra, mission, and message of Jesus, their goal is to help the hurting, bind up the broken, and to preach the gospel to whomever will listen. And those who won’t listen, they want their life to be a silent sermon that will draw those people to Christ. While they do have a global, as well as a regional vision, they have a heart for the local church. They realize without the nucleus of a strong local body that ministry can’t be achieved around the world, unless it is activated by the wonderful people that they pastor in Tupelo.
Pastor Tommy was raised in Mississippi and Ann grew up in Missouri. While they were raised with the same religious background, their story is somewhat different. Because of their personal life experiences, they feel that there is no human that can’t be helped and no heart that can’t be healed. Pastor Tommy and Ann feel life is great because they have been blessed with two amazing sons and three beautiful daughters, as well one wonderful son-in-law and a precious daughter-in-law. But, they also feel that life is grand  because they have three grandsons and three granddaughters.