Inn Jesus Name

I know that already most of you are gasping that I would begin this blog with a spelling error. Can’t he even spell a word as simple as IN? Yes, I can. However there is no misspelling.

I love the power of the name of Jesus. The Bible says that whatsoever you do in word or deed to do it all IN JESUS NAME. That should not be just how we close our prayers, but how we open our day.

However, there is a Bible story that merits our attention. It is found in Luke 10:30-37.

A man was taking a journey from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was overtaken by thieves. Not only did they rob him, they stripped him of his clothes, and wounded him. In fact he was beaten so badly, they he was almost dead.

This is certainly a sad story, but the saddest part is how religion walked by him with unconcern.

A PRIEST came by and saw him his condition, but kept WALKING TO CHURCH on the other side of the road.
A LEVITE (church worker) saw him and did the same thing.
But then, a “GOOD SAMARITAN” saw him and had compassion and came to where he was. He used his own oil and wine to sustain him, and put him on his own donkey and brought him to an INN. It was IN the INN that he took care of him. Then he payed the INN KEEPER to let him stay there until he could heal.

My point is this. People need to hear more than you shouting, “IN JESUS NAME.” They need you to come to where they are and help them get to an INN where you can help them heal. It’s not all based on what you say, it’s based on what they see in you. Yes, please pray for them IN JESUS NAME, but help them get to a place where they can be restored.

There are a whole lot of hurting people that need our help. Let’s go find them….INN JESUS NAME!