Dismembered or Transplanted?

There is no greater joy than being a Christian! And it just so happens that God called me to pastor Christian people. While that is a joy too, this blog is about my role in pastoring people that were Christians before I was their pastor. 

Now, in all honesty, the greatest joy a pastor can have is to hear the cry of a newly born baby, a person that was just born again. No matter what age that new believer is, it’s great to be there when they take that initial step in becoming a Christian. My preference is to have a full house of those new creatures in Christ and watch them grow from milk to meat. 

But, with that said, I’m also honored to get to pastor some people that were born again before I was born the first time. God has graced me with some people that are already mature Christians and has placed them under my leadership to help the continued cultivation of their faith. 

However, living in the South in the Bible Belt, it is quite common for people to go from church to church to church. Wherever has the newest fire, the latest technology, the “coolest” worship leader, or the most casual pastor is where people feel “called” to go. 

According to my philosophy, if someone tells me that God is moving them to a new church, I give them my blessing and let them move on. Who am I to argue with God? But many times, it’s not God that moves them. 

There are a multiplicity of reasons why people leave a church, and one of them is total selfishness, an “all about me” mentality. Then, after leaving, those people often begin to talk to other people like Eve talked to Adam, in order to convince them to taste the palatable, new experience at this other church. 

While everyone does have a choice, God’s design is for all to be a part of a local church body and get established in the faith. That entails staying in the place that you were planted until GOD transplants you to a new field. Otherwise, if you allow some disgruntled Christian to influence you, they are doing nothing more than dismembering the body. 

According to 1 Corinthians 12, we all have our place in the body of Christ. Each one of us has a function that only we can fulfill. So, be careful not to let some eager person tell you that God has you in the wrong position in His body. 

As I stated earlier, Word of Life Church has some incredible people that came to us from other Christian ministries. I strongly believe that God transplanted them in our body as a vital organ to help us be the body He ordained. 

But on the flip side, we have had some other ministries try to dismember some of our precious people. Once someone has been dismembered from where God has placed them, it can be hazardous. Because once dismemberment happens, there is something “missing.” You are not just missing church; the body is missing the part that you are destined to fulfill. 

My prayer is that every church would fulfill its God-given role and be a place to see the lost saved, not Christians recycled. In the N.T. church, there is a term called proselyte. The Biblical meaning of proselyte is to convert someone from sin to salvation. Sadly, the modern-day church has changed the definition of a proselyte to get someone to stop going to one Christian church and move their membership to another.