In November, Ann and I were at our local Sam’s, when suddenly there was a GOD moment. There on the Christmas aisle, was a big plastic container of peanut brittle. Immediately flashbacks of my childhood raced through my mind. You see, I was raised Pentecostal. In the Pentecostal Church we were known for the gifts of the Spirit and the gift of making peanut brittle. I can’t tell you how many patties of this round, precious, golden, delicious treat that I have helped make, sold, and eaten.
Ann “talked me into” getting a container of this delicious treat at Sam’s. As I ate this I thought, whoever made this peanut brittle had to have a Pentecostal background. You can’t make this stuff taste so good unless you know about the gifts of the Spirit!

Now I know that my title, Praise God for peanut brittle, and saying that seeing this yummy treat at Sam’s, was a God moment, seems far fetched, but you have to finish reading this blog.

I Pastor Word of Life Church in Tupelo, Ms. We have so many wonderful people that God has given us the honor to Pastor. But there is one particular family, that God is using in an incredible way to reach their family. They came to WOLC with very limited knowledge of God or the Bible. They were not raised in a Christian environment at all. (I have to tell you that my greatest joy of Pastoring is seeing new people born again, and watching them grow in grace.) Not only are they growing in the Lord, but their love for Him is contagious. To date, I have baptized this local family of course, as well as quite a few of their kinfolks from Texas and Alabama. This story is a modern day book of Acts phenomenon.

Oh yeah, I was writing about peanut brittle…Recently another family member came to visit from Texas. Kandi, in our Church had such a burden for her aunt to give her life to the Lord. Sadly, this lady whose name is Wanda got very sick and had to spend a lot of time in the hospital, after only getting to come to Church a couple of times. Kandi, as well as Wanda’s daughter Bonnie who was recently baptized, wanted information on leading her to the Lord. They wanted to make sure that she gets saved, because she hasn’t been around Church all of their lives. I began to visit her in the hospital, and her family always asked me to pray, and I did at their request. While Wanda wasn’t rude to me at all, I could tell that she didn’t want prayer pushed on her.

But another day I went to the hospital to see her. As I walked in, I told her how nice she looked. She immediately told me that she was swollen. I jokingly said to her, I am too, but mine is from peanut brittle. A big smile came across her face as she told me as a child she had sold many bags of this candy. She said, my mother made this and sold it for the Church we went to. I said, and what kind of Church was that? She chuckled and said, a Pentecostal Church. Then she told me that she was baptized as a child and she knew all about the gifts of the Spirit. We conversed about the preachers in the area where she lived, and we both called names that we recognized.
You should have seen the eyes of the Kandi, as this conversation unfolded. She had no idea that she had any religious background, and now her Pastor and her aunt were having a conversation about the Church we were both raised in as children!

Don’t tell me that God doesn’t use seemingly trivial things to relate His love. Never underestimate the seeds sown in a child. God’s Word will not return to Him void!

Last Sunday we had the memorial service for Wanda. As I stood there telling the story of peanut brittle, I also got to tell the story of the private prayer that I had with her as she rededicated her life to the Lord! I don’t know if there will be peanut brittle in heaven at the marriage supper of the Lamb, but I do know that God used it on earth to help someone get to heaven.

Praise God for peanut brittle!


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