Make a Plan to Make it Home

While walking this morning, I passed the BancorpSouth Arena, which is the Tupelo Coliseum. They have a massive billboard which is rented by advertisers. As I walked by this digitally enhanced sign, I saw this ad.
Budweiser…Make a plan to make it home.
Now, please pay close attention as you read this post. I know that I am a Preacher, but I am not going to go into a theological exhortation of the evils of alcohol. But, I do have a message for you.
What I read into this marketing strategy is this. Budweiser wants you to spend the money and enjoy their product, but they know that if you drink too much, you lose your ability to function properly. They want you to be THRILLED, but they don’t want you to be KILLED. This ad is to encourage you to get a DESIGNATED driver.
As I thought about this, I could not help but think about their slogan. Make a plan to make it home.
How do you do that? Well, it’s really very simple. God has already sent you a DESIGNATED driver. Well, He really wasn’t a DRIVER, He was a DESIGNATED DELIVERER. He came to the cross with a plan to help you make it home. He was KILLED so you could be THRILLED. I have to tell you no matter what your addictions are, Jesus wants you to FEEL what it’s like to be FILLED with His Spirit. I promise you, if you will allow yourself to be FILLED, you will be THRILLED. It is truly the greatest joy that you will ever experience.
So, as you get ready to celebrate this weekend of freedom, remember that your true freedom came from a DESIGNATED DELIVERER.


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