“Delivery to the following recipients failed permanently.”

“Delivery to the following recipients failed permanently.”

Recently I received an email from one of our TV viewers requesting a particular sermon. Trying to give her an immediate response, I sent her an email to thank her and let her know that a CD or DVD would be sent to her promptly. In a few moments I checked my email, and had an interesting message. The message read, “delivery to the following recipients failed permanently.” Not being as computer savvy as some, I was sure that it was an error on my part, so I sent it again. The same message was immediately sent back to me. It turns out that there was an error in her email address that we corrected and it WAS NOT PERMANENT.

As I pondered this “error” message, I couldn’t help but wonder how many thousands of people are living their lives with no hope because they were told that their error was permanent. Yes, certainly, indeed, without a doubt, we have all made our share of errors. The scripture plainly declares that we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. There is none righteous, no not one. But the Bible also declares that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from ALL sin. If that is correct and I whole heartedly believe that it is, then there are no permanent errors. Two thousand Christmases ago there was a delivery in Bethlehem. It wasn’t an EMAIL, it was A MALE that just so happened to be the Son of God. The Lamb of God that would take away the sin of the world. This delivery, had Jesus to be delivered to those who would put Him on a cross. When He hung His head and said, “it is finished”, people thought that the delivery to all the recipients of this great salvation was a permanent error. However, their definition of finish and His was a lot different. His finish meant His work on earth where He was delivered 33 years earlier was complete. The third day after His death He got up from the grave and proved that not even the grave is permanent! During this Christmas season, let me remind you that your errors aren’t permanent. Your failures are not final and they are not fatal. They are forgiven by a faithful Father. God’s mercy is mightier than your mistakes. His grace is greater than your grief. Now you too can be delivered from the feeling of a permanent error.

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Tommy

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